Rescue Me – Solutions is a Private Membership Association. We stand on our secured and perfect right to assemble and associate, our reserved authority , our pre-existing claim to absolute authority and control over the health of our own body, mind and spirit and rights collectively referred to as ‘rights’. Serve by acting as people in our real private character and capacity – have right to remove from jurisdiction of public law and to implement protections of operating within a private domain.



Our Digital Platforms, when combined with Big Data continuous lead generation, create an interconnected Blockchain Ecosystem where the Consumer always wins. Decentralized – Members do not have to put trust into a single authority. No single point of failure. Less censorship


Merging Real Estate with the benefits of blockchain technology which translates into more security for you, your information and your transactions whether buying your first home, and investment property or building your portfolio.

Abba’s Arms – Christian Stewardship Ministry

For Too Long The Subject Has Been Taboo Or Not Up For Discussion To Recognize The Existence Of Human Trafficking. There Are Millions….Crying Out For Help And For Hope…If Not With Their Voice For Fear Of Retaliation, Then In Their Spirit And With Their Heart. We Are Here To Aid In Bringing Support To Those Organizations That Have The Heart Of Christ In Their Mission For Helping In The Rescue, The Recovery, The Restoration And The Redemption Of The Lost Or Stolen.